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Over 500 teenagers worked on our Feature Films & Emmy-Nominated TV show. As seen in theatres, on PBS, internationally and at major retailers.


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Synopsis: Three teens realize their science project is the key to finding their missing parents, in another world!

Stars: Steve Guttenberg, Harry Lennix and US Congressman Bill Foster. 

Released at a White House Educational Initiative screening followed by a sold-out school tour. Coming Fall 2017 to VOD-Digital-On Demand and other formats via distributor Gravitas Ventures.

Synopsis: In the summer of 1981, five young friends lived and breathed STAR WARS. It was the center of their universe! But when a broken lightsaber (aka a broken bat) needs replacing, the friends begin an epic adventure; all they have to do is follow The Stream and back. With mom gone for 3-hours, what could possibly go wrong?

Stars: Mario Lopez, Kelly Rutherford, Christopher Gorham and Rainn Wilson 

Released in Regal Theatres in 19 markets, currently on DVD, digital and international via Amazon, Walmart, Fox Family & iTunes. The Stream" is re-releasing through Multicom Entertainment. 

Synopsis: Emmy-nominated show about Two kids who form a Detectives Club to gather the facts behind their Grandpa’s crazy stories.

Stars: Tim Kazurinsky as Grandpa


Released on PBS-WTTW, DVDs available at Museum stores and on Vimeo. In 2018, 8 new episodes will be released alongside the original Emmy-nominated episodes via distributor Multicom Entertainment.


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